What We Do

ECO Roofing Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned Korean company based in GHANA creating the highest value in quality and performance of colourful stone chip coated roof tiles. Incorporate on 28th June, under the companies Act, 1963 (Act 179), Eco Roofing Co. Ltd. has steadily grown to become the industry leader.. ECO Roofing Co. Ltd. […]

Our Mission

The relationships we have forged over the years are deep and long terms. Our customers put their trust in us and depend on Eco for their dreamed projects. Our dedication to provide durable & cost effective roofing solution, as a Leading manufacturer of stone coated roofing products within Ghana and a growing footprint in the […]

Why Choose us

There are many reasons why Eco roofing stone coated steel roofing outweighs the benefits of ordinary Aluminum Roofing sheets. Stone Coated Steel, Eco roofing tiles is superior in every category